NYTimes article: Underpinnings of the Internet Shift

Interesting article on the NTtimes site:


It seems to me that times have changed. Back in the day the Internet was unregulated and the challenge was to distil the information available to find trustworthy sources. I’m not sure I like the idea of CEO’s of multi-billion $ corporations having a discussion about the future of the Internet. Can they really have an objective view? Hopefully that’s all it is – a view – and nothing more.



NEWS: IIA says Internal Audit should step up

Great to see the Chief Exec of the IIA putting his word behind IA’s role. It would have been nice to see him mention other risk providers in this news article as I believe IA’s transition and Combined Assurance go hand-in-hand to deliver a value-add risk management proposition.


Perhaps it is time to call on Information Security functions in the same light? A tongue-in-cheek comment, but Haroon does make an interesting point: