That was a long hiatus

6 years since my last post. My eldest son is 6. This is not a coincidence…


Repost: Is it time to re-invent the role of the CISO?

Great topical article on the role of the CISO and alignment to business objectives. This is in line with one of my previous posts regarding the responsibilities of the CISO – as with all other roles the value add and justification of the CISO should be assessed against the backdrop of the business, external factors and strategic initiatives.

Repost: Data Security and I&AM

Interesting opinion of data and information security and current access challenges:

NEWS: CIRPO being replaced next month

CIPRO, the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office, is to be replaced with the imlpementation of the new Companies Act on 1 May 2011.

CIRPO has been the subject of some scrutiny of late due to their internal control failures where they admitted to paying out millions of rand fraudulently and also had at least 11 companies hijacked.

The CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) will essentially merge CIPRO with the Office of the Company and Intellectual Property Enforcement, perhaps giving them a broader mandate to cover the full end-to-end process of registering and monitoring companies.


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