The Silly Season for Fraud

It’s the festive season in many parts of the world so time for celebrations and some well-earned relaxation. Not everyone follows suit however – criminals are well aware that companies may be running with key staff on holiday and seize this opportunity to commit fraud. For those that are not taking leave it is a time to remain more vigilant than normal. Don’t let inexperienced staff make decisions such as authorising a high value deal just because the usual manager is out of the office. It is important for normal procedural controls to be in place with the right experience at hand, and for your key risk indicator (KRI) monitoring program to be functioning properly.

The same applies to technology – depending on your business this time of year could be one of the busiest, and so system uptime and performance are crucial. On the topic of technology, criminals may also look to target people as well through phishing or other social engineering attacks. Remember, when in doubt, apply common sense and logic.